Watching the Formula One Race @ 32 Weeks Pregnant

Probably, most pregnant ladies won’t be doing so, however, my husband, Ariff Shah was invited to cover the race at Sepang on behalf of Exness, a company sponsoring the RedBull racing team. Obviously, his first “mangsa” to drag around is his pregnant wife. You see, my husband is still pretty delusional that he is becoming a father soon. I felt like a teacher taking a school boy to see a fast car race. However, honestly, I have always wanted to go to one of the races, and I am considerably lucky because my husband received some-sort of VIP treatment for the two-days race. On the first day he brought my brother, and I went with him for the second-day, which is the Race day. On both days, Exness sent a car to pick him up and his partner to watch the race, complete with sponsored meals at fine dining places, no kidding! Bijan, JW Marriott, Coffee Bean and a 5-start rated steak house (halal), it was truly his weekend to have fun instead of his endless work.

Photo 29-3-15 11 13 57 am

The car that picked us up, the ease level, oh my, you dah sampai dekat Sepang, then only you’d appreciate the luxury of having a driver!

Photo 29-3-15 2 42 52 pm

Photo 29-3-15 1 48 11 pm

 The happy “school boy”, see how he even buttoned up his shirt and wore shorts, total nerd right!

Photo 29-3-15 3 03 36 pm


While most would be worried about the baby inside of me, rest assured I know better.  After like, 5 rounds out of 50++ rounds, I went to the Surau to rest and pray for the next hour! haha…and when I got out of the Surau, my husband whatsapped me saying “Race dah habis dah..” like whatt…but I totally enjoyed the first few rounds and the flag-off part, was so cool! I can understand the adrenaline that you’d get from watching it LIVE. Oh by the way, you’d be surprised as to how many pregnant ladies who actually followed their husbands to watch the show! kesian …-__-“

Photo 29-3-15 5 37 21 pm
I had fun, although it was hot…besides, dinner was so good! Thank you Exness, one of the sponsoring company for Redbull Racing team and husband’s utter popularity that I get to enjoy such a Sunday, at least once in my life, because seriously, once the baby pops-out, I can forget about being a cool mom.


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