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I’ve been wanting to write this blogpost for quite a while now. It is raining outside on a quiet Wednesday afternoon with my baby sort-of not sleeping too deeply with her hands flailing around (so hard to wrap her, she keeps getting agitated haha) and I am waiting for my husband to come home from work. I am 20 days away from being done with confinement. Feeling a little bit more energetic now, I thought I should share my labour experience. It actually took me a few days to write this blogpost, because of the restless crying baby, all my work which could be done within hours, is stretched to being completed only after a few days.

I still remember that very day, 18th of May, it was our weekly Doctors’ appointment at Tropicana. I was confident enough nothing will go wrong so we did not pack anything, just my handbag and my husband, and off we went to the hospital. Prior to meeting the Doctor, I had a short check-up with the nurses. This is when reality starts to step in. I was almost 40 weeks pregnant, my due date was 21st of May…but on that day, my blood pressure shot sky-rocket…it wasn’t only the nurse that was worried. Entering the Doctor’s consultation room, we did the scanning…the baby was down but have not fully engaged..she did a second blood pressure check-up, her face went from okay to worried… she immediately sent out orders to ward me.

In 24-hours or less, I am going to have to give birth. My face went pale, I started to sweat and tremble. I looked at my husband’s face…I was totally unprepared, but will we ever be prepared? I touched my belly and said; “I’ll see you soon Inshallah”… an hour and a half later, we were already calling my mom and I was warded in the labour room. I had to be induced due to my condition. After prayers and hugging my mom, I was induced.

It was the most painful night of my life. I trembled, and my water broke by itself…I lost blood, and my husband’s face turned pale…he has never seen me went through that much pain..well, it was about to get worse. The nurses gave me some pain reliever, and after a few hours, the contractions went away…I was induced at 8PM, by 1AM I was already 2CM and my water broke…..but then it all stopped.

By Subuh, my contractions did not progress and there were no more ammoniotic fluid coming out. For a while, we had to decide whether we wanted to have a C-Section or continue being induced. Following my mom’s advice, as soon as the Doctor arrived, we told her our decision, we were going to have a C-Sect. You see, a mother can only be induced a maximum of three times, in which after that if nothing progresses, I still had to go through surgery.The Doctor had also earlier mentioned that my pelvic bones were not in the “favourable” category to give birth normally, which worries me even more.

I was really scared. I cried the whole day while waiting to go in the operation theatre. My husband and my mom wasn’t sure how to comfort me, I kept crying…I was so scared and upset that I was not going to give birth normally.┬áBut you see, in the midst of all the confusion, there is a hikmah…

(To be Continued)



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