Wanderlust, paused.

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I just had a moment of resentment, thinking “Why did I book that flight to Europe next Spring and not somewhere exotic in Asia instead?”

Post mid-20’s, being married, work-commitment and the possibility of becoming a parent, the idea of travelling freely and casually to the outbacks of the world, slowly diminishes. There’s too much on the plate, with a mortgage and loans to pay for monthly, and when kids start to come along, all the need for wanderlust just disappears.

“There are more important things than to travel”; you will start telling yourself that once you have more responsibilities as an adult and as a parent.

There’ll be no more sleeping on the floors, or slumping on someone’s couch…there’ll be no more opportunities to walk aimlessly and only having a baggage to drag around. Perhaps I could still talk to strangers if my then kids don’t start crying and mopping around on the ground.

What can I do to be void of all such resentments? It is like I am never ready to become a mature adult with full-time commitments.

Be thankful (Syukur)? Yes. Perhaps I can try that.

To believe in the works of Allah SWT. After all, we travel (supposedly) not to show off how far we were able to travel ruggedly as compared to other Malaysians… we travel to see His miracles.


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