Vernazza of Cinque Terre, Italy

Finally! I managed to put together a short amateur video of our weekend excursion to Cinque Terre from Florence, Italy. We really love the peaceful fisherman’s town of Vernazza, one of the five (cinque) towns on the terraces (terre) along the coastlines of the Ligurian sea. The area is also known as the Italian Riviera, and have recently gained much attention from around the world, that if you visited it during the summer, it is OVERFLOWING with tourist that even the locals are scared to come out of their houses!

Honestly, it is the kind of place that I would visit only once (or twice, perhaps the second time will be in the distant future), I wouldn’t want to be one of the annoying tourists that disturbs the true beauty of the place from too much “admiration” that it changes everything from being “authentic” to being “too commercialized”




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