#throwback: Western Australia

The Western Australia Trip; Day 1 and 2

Penat, penat.

The trip home took nearly 12-hours, from airport transfers to immigration and flying-off into the sky. I reached home at about 2 AM on the 1st of January, 2012. I woke-up late on a Sunday, just lazing around and enjoying my time at home. Rasanya dah cukup rehat, time to share and record, my adventures.



Day One-Perth, Australia

(Typed this while we were driving to Busselton.)

I slept at around 3 am, enjoying my probably last day/night as a lazy girl catching up with the Korean series, “Goong; Princess Hour”. I was suppose to leave for the airport in two hours time, departing for a 10-day adventure around the Western Australia countryside. This time around I was going as traveller, road-tripper, not as a tourist (gladly). After dizzily waking-up from the cold and rainy early morning of Kuala Lumpur, the whole family made our way towards the airport, and departed, leaving the rainy tropical Malaysia (my favourite weather) for the dry and cold summer of Australia. Day one of the trip has commenced.

We were greeted by a fellow Malaysian who will be our host while staying in Perth. My first impression upon arrival was..”Oh, we’re in the desert country..” Everything was red and orange..the ground was of red gravel, the sky is blue and the sun was a warm orange, heating up Perth…here comes the summer sunburn. Day one was not over yet though. We immediately made our way to a local supermarket to stock-up on food. While on the road, I noticed cars having this awkward looking bumpers..”They are Kangaroo bars” our host informed us, I sort of drain out my blood for a second, thinking of how huge could the kangaroos be that they have to work-up such a protection for their car. Driving after dawn in Australia is dangerous and fatal due to the fact that there are Kangaroos, emus, and all other animals crossing the road, at night.  No, not because of drunk drivers or the reckless ones.

Woolsworth is the equivalent of the near-to-home Mutiara Damansara’s Tesco. A nice halal butchery sits nicely in the supermarket, and we engaged in the attack upon the fresh sausages! Well, usually wursts are quite expensive in KL…however here, it is quite affordable! Only AUD$ 7.95 for 1 Kg, and let me tell you, that is enough to feed 10 people, at least.

Our tiring first day ended with a table of self-cooked dinner, and sleep.


Day two-Fremantle (40-minutes drive from Perth city)


Probably everyone and anyone who have been to Perth, would not miss a trip to Fremantle, I’ll save you the boring long history and tell you a shorter one.

Basically…it’s a port like Port Klang, minus the gangster problems and confusing road signs. The town by the sea holds a couple of attractions. We went to the E-Shed to get our souvenirs, so that we could worry less about not getting them later on. A brisk 200m walk from the market is Kailis, the oh-so-famous fish and chips spot among Malaysian tourist and travel bloggers. We indulge in the food with our brought-from-home packs of chillies and mayo sauce. Let me inform you that when travelling to Australia, do take with you your own mayo and chilli sauce. Here they charge you AUD$1 for every packet (those small packets) of the sauces.

The cod fish and potato chips equals to a good lunch by the jetty and the seagulls.

The trip didn’t end just there, because after Solat Maghrib, approx. around 7.20PM here during Summer, we head out to Perth’s King’s Park, and equivalent of KL’s Jalan Parlimen Lake Garden. From here, there’s an observation deck, to look out into the beautiful night view of Perth’s modest skyline. We ended day two, here.

After we got back to our rented home located at Quidea Rd in Nollamara. We immediately crashed on our beds, “prepping” ourselves for day three.

**As I have mentioned before, I have recorded my travels and uploaded them-up as they are much richer in terms of context..however, I am unsure of the audio. You could either mute them OR turn them on and listen to the noises of the wind OR the blabber-talk of my family..hehe.**sorry, video newbie noob here.

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