#throwback: Korea Architecture Winter Programme 2013 (Part 4)

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Korea Day 4, January 20, 2013

Namsan Tower, Namdaemun Market and Myeong-Dong

Beneath is a #throwback repost from my old blog.

There is absolutely a lot for me to blog about, and I took some time off from going anywhere today just so that I could blog my visits. My feet are swollen from all the walking, and it rained today (Monday 21st) . Supposedly  the weather forecast predicts snow or rain, and it obviously rained..all day, setting me in a mood to not go anywhere and just sit tight in my room.

However, yesterday was a sunny Sunday and together with a group of classmates, went to the Southern part of Seoul towards Namsan Tower, Namdaemun Market and towards the glitzy Myeong-Dong.

Declare your love at Namsan Tower!!

Err, yeah…you read that right. Namsan tower is more than just a place for you to enjoy the view. Many, many “cute” couples come here to “lock-up” their hearts away with pad-locks and hang them along an already extensive wall of love padlocks, like the ones I have seen in Florence and Amsterdam. The ride up to Namsan was from Seoul Station Metro and we took the taxi (around KWR 6,000) to the cable-car station. It was really hard going around not knowing proper Korean language because the older generation does not know even the littlest korean. Thankfully we all watch K-drama , so we were able to bantai a few phrases.

Ariff Shah, let’s go here and declare too, and take duck-face photos, buat gaya comel-comel jambu. Pfft.
Old School Namdaemun Market
Just a few minutes away downhill is the biggest old-school market in Seoul, which is Namdaemun. Here you will be able to find vendors selling fruits and food as well as souvenirs. There is another bigger market which is Dongdaemun but that is like the GuangZhou of China but a much smaller scale, open 24 hours a day unlike Namdaemun, which closes at about 5pm or 9pm.
For Myeong-Dong, I think I’ll do a different blogpost…Why? Because it’s my favourite place in Seoul…shopping haven!!! (Macamlah banyak duit…)

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