#throwback: Day 6: Albany, South Australia

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I did not gave-up on blogging and this blog is far-off from being dead. I might just change the name and blog address once more but I am not sure what exactly to call this small space of mine..:)I had a tough week last week, work was piling and the IELTS exam made it’s way towards me, shuddered me into the darkness of curiosity.I wonder what will be the bandscore i’ll be getting…hmm…To tell you the truth..YESTERDAY was my IELTS speaking test (they separated the two), and yesterday was also Monday the 20th, BUT I totally forgot that it was yesterday despite staring at the computer’s calendar that yesterday was the 20th and my test was also on the 20th!I tak tahu kenapa I blur sangat semalam. Balik from the office around…9-ish, after busy blabbering with my office mates about my IELTS exam, the moment I walked outside the door of the office, I immediately realized..that…I forgot my test was yesterday.*a moment of silence*Cursed to myself a couple of times..and went to sleep.

Luckily, today, my visit to the British Council was a positive one as they allowed me to re-schedule my speaking test..(yeaayy..Alhamdulillah!). The preparation to go abroad sure is tough, i mean, the only reason why I am working is to warm-up myself for Part 2..

Below is a blogpost regarding my Day 6 in Western Australia..seeing some of my course mates are already flying off to seize their ambition of Part 2, it seems like the Australian fever is far from over for me. Following my family’s trip to Perth December last year, here’s a strip of a proper blogpost….

DAY SIX; From Albany to the Valley of the Giants


We were so near to the ocean, at the tip of Western Australia. Albany is beautiful seaside town, with much to discover. A small-city, run by a dozen poles of wind turbines..it is a green and clean seaside lifestyle, that has much to offer to it’s visitors.

This place (below) was pretty amazing..a wind tubin farm!

Wild flowers and plants…
The Valley of the Giants
-Where the dinosaur trees live..
Since I am out of words (taken aback by the beauty), do check out this video…
Thank god I took videos, because I am out of inspiration to write…

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