#throwback: Day 5: Towards the South!

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Albany, the most-southern part of Western Australia!


Day Five-Getting there through Avon Valley.

This perhaps will be the longest blog momentum I’ll be re-calling. Thus hold onto your seats with some cookies because this will be quite dragging.

You may have earlier read other blog posts on their adventure trips to the Pinnacles, the Wave Rock and Fremantle, but not many may have venture into the countryside of Perth. The Avon Valley is some 30-minutes drive outside of Perth and it leads you through some of the oldest settlement towns near to the city of Perth, dating back from the 1800’s when the British came (after the Dutch and French explorers) to pave the earth for a new settlement on the huge island.

We started our Avon Valley trip towards Albany, some 400++ KM and it takes up to 11-hour including stopping at a number of towns and picnicking for lunch (if you use the freeway, it will only take 6-hours, non-stop driving).

Here are some of the names of the town that we passed by…kira kampung mat-salleh Australia ler..all the farmers menetap at these area..

We started with Toodyay.. a really cute town!.. now at first, everything was exciting, but town after another deserted quiet town, we got bored…

and a whole stream of other towns…
We arrived at a town called Kannington. truthfully, tempat ni kampung orang melayu. There’s about 300 malay’s living here, but they are under the Australian citizenship, coming of from the an island off of Sabah called Couscous? cos cos? Kokos? Entah, tak reti nak spelling…tapi apa pun mereka orang melayu yang sudah menetap di Australia for more than 30 years, and they speak in an Australian tongue..hehe, ofcourse, reti cakap bahasa melayu!
sorrylah video BLURRR sgt…
After being packed with delicious food by the Kannighton malays..we head on down towards Albany and ate dinner by the CRAZY SEJUK beach in Albany…

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