#throwback: Day 3 & 4; Days of trouble! (Western Australia)

Day three: Perth city 


The missing keys incident 

We were supposed to be heading up towards the desert outbacks of Western Australia, but our travels were cut short when we misplaced the car keys! Jenuh mencari..angkat sofa, angkat katil..takde pun. We dig through our stinky trash..nope, not there either..we nearly “tore” the house down to find the key and gave-up some 3 hours later since 8 AM. Instead our host drop us at Perth’s London Court, which leads to the shopping streets of Hay and Murray.

Though our shopping round did not happen there but at a nice shopping mall haven called, the Harbour Town. Here, nearly everything is half of the usual price, if not cheaper..me and my sister got 4 pieces of clothes for only AUD$30 (around RM90)..not bad huh? So shop here, it’s the best spot for students to shop!


Day four: The Australian Desert Outback


Yanchep Wildlife Park

I have been ecstatic about going to the desert since the start of this trips planning phase. Seriously nak cari pasal pergi padang pasir and get sun-burned. We started-off our trip of nearly 400KM (back and forth from Perth) by passing through Joondalup, a nice Damansara-ish town (but ofcourse lagi cun-lah) from Perth. We went ahead towards the Yanchep Wildlife Park to catch a glimpse of wild kangaroos and koalas. I was a bit jakun when I saw kangaroos hopping freely around the park. Although it was Christmas and nobody was looking after the entrance toll, a camera was ready to catch visitors who might be thinking of playing foul and skipping the ticket fees. A family car group visitors cost around AUD$11 and the same ticket is used again when visiting the Pinnacles park further ahead from Yanchep.

The entrance of Yanchep, even though cuti Christmas, the CCTV is there to record cars that passed by without paying….efficient!

Yanchep in one word is simple. It looks rugged enough despite the well-planned flow of the driveway. Kangaroos hopped freely thus we’re only allowed to drive around 20KM/H. Koalas sleep on top of trees, lazily and birds’ nests peacefully on protected trees. A couple of lodge and resorts within the park offers a nice accommodation experience. To fully explore the park, you will at least need a weekend. We only had two-hours.

One of the many things I snapped repeatedly are… kangaroos! Duh…jakun habis.

sedap ke makan…

another one….

After the short and sweet experience, we drove straight towards Lancelin, a sand dune town most popular for the sand-surfing.

You have to mute the sound, cause it so noisy from the wind! But the view is spectacular!

It was Christmas, thus the town was as quiet and dead as it could be. The adorably pastel painted houses and 70’s feel to the town might have looked better with people running around under the clear blue sky. The hot summer was getting on our nerves, I am telling you, the Malaysian sun is the best and healthiest sun you could get, because of the humid tropical climate…over here, you’ll end-up looking like a lobster.

Adik, kenapa dik??..LOLL..
The sand dune remains a great mystery to me…sebab I malas nak “Wikipedia” on how it formed, but more or less, I know-lah kot…How did it end-up in a middle of nowhere, about 500m off the beach? Maybe it is a million years history but the ultra soft white sand that blows away with the strong wind is a pretty magnificent sight. We didn’t go sand-surfing though. The recommended store to rent the boards, Lucky 7 (AUD$10 per person) was closed due to Christmas.

We said our goodbyes and left the quiet town for an even deserted and hot geography of the Australian outback.


The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles were once part of the ocean bed. Look closely to the ground, and you’ll find dried fossils of corals from hundreds and thousands of years ago. Because of the ever-changing nature of the earth surface, when once upon a time, some parts of the Australasia continent were part of the ocean, it is now a sand desert, and the sands are the very same kind you could find by the sea and at the ocean bed. There are thousands of these high-standing stones, some are up to 6 meters tall, if not more.So dah tgh2 padang pasir tu apa lagi….posing lah!

mama nampak kurus dlm gambar ni…
Adik masih tenggelam dalam drama….
The big purple dot and brothers….
pengumpul topi koboi…
jejaka idaman….
jejaka korean-wave…
After the pinnacles, we head home towards Perth, and yet another incident happened. Seriously, it was a day of mishaps and troubles…
Minyak kereta habis. Well, almost..the orange gas-light lighted-up and we cringe in anticipation of it totally drained-out….We were about 80KM away from Perth, and nearly ALL Petrol stations are closed because of Christmas. We sat-up straight, still quite dizzy from our nap when my brother who was taking his turn driving announced, “Lampu tangki minyak dah nyala!” Oh okay, we were worried that we had to push so far to get to the next Petrol station.Now, the roads in Australia bukan macam in Malaysia, during Christmas, it is practically empty. There are so little cars and worse of all; it is in a middle of the hot and scorching dessert. Tutup air-cond, roll down the window and….we were lucky enough the car could go a bit more than we expected before dying down. Once we filled-up the tank near Joondalup, we went straight home, tired and content.



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