The Surgery.

It’s been 7-hours since I have eaten or drink anything. You’re not suppose to have any meal at all before surgery. Mine was scheduled at 1.30PM, I continued crying as I was pushed into the operations ward, my husband held my hand and the Doctor in charge of anaesthetics came to brief me regarding taking the Epidural. After about 30-mins, the surreal experience starts. My biggest fear was about to become a reality.

I was pushed into the operation theater. All I could see were bright lights and the ceiling. It was cold…very cold, I immediately shivered from the coldness of the room and me being nervous. I was then brought to a curling sitting position, it was so hard for me because I was shivering from the cold and my belly was blocking me from actually curling like a shrimp. The nurses kept saying, “relax…and curl your body..” Easier said than done. I did not even feel the needle going through my back, I was numb, my thoughts were all over the place..have I mentioned how freaking cold it was? I kept saying “sejuk nya…sejuk nya” to the nurses.

It was 2PM, and my Doctor, Dr. Hazinat, came in for the surgery. By this moment I no longer felt anything from my waist downwards. It was really happening…my husband came in all dressed in scrubs, his face half covered by the mask. He held my hands, and I started to cry..again  (Such a cry baby). The covered my view with some sort of curtain, from the chest downwards, but my husband could see it all.

I later found out that my husband felt so sorry for me, I was cut open with a laser, and god knows what they did down there, my husband said they had to take out some organs first before popping the baby out. Do you want to know how it feels to be cut opened half-awake? At this moment, both my arms were fitted with some sort of heater because I was too cold, the nurses were pretty comforting, whilst I could not read my husband’s facial expression… his eyes were all I could see and they looked pretty emotionless. My body felt like it was on a rocking boat, exactly like what my mom had mentioned (she had a C-Sect as well for my youngest brother). I felt my body being swayed to the left and right, and then the nurses starts to put their hands on my belly area and pushed it down a few times..and at exactly 2.15PM, the baby comes out crying and flapping her arms and kicking her legs.

Weighing 2.86Kg and 50Cm in length.

She was so fair, crying and screaming (she still is), and MashAllah, I CRIED SO BADLY! My husband’s eyes were misty, we were in bewilderment. Like what the heck there’s a tiny human in my belly. The Doctor and Nurses congratulated me, and brought the bay close to my face for me to kiss. She was so pretty and looks so much like my mom at first. Then my husband took her for the Adhan and off they went to the quarantine area.

And then, it was time to stitch me up. It was suppose to be a quick one. Part of the contract that you have to sign before agreeing to do the surgery is that you allow for the surgeon to take a look at the areas near the birthing organ, incase of fibroids and such. Well, that happened, and in my excitement and drowsiness as well as feeling extremely tired, there was suddenly a commotion in the operation room.

“Call the Specialist! Quickly!” My surgeon said, and then she turned to me, “Puan, we found something that looks abnormal, we will call a specialist to reconfirm it”. The other Specialist Doctor came in, and after a while, he turned to me, “Hi Puan, okay nak inform Puan that we found something on your appendix, it looks abnormal and we believe we need to remove it, is it okay?” , they were looking for my husband but they could not find him, and time was running out for me… they double check to see if I was still conscious enough to give approval for the Surgeon to take my appendix out. I was like, oh what the heck…just take it out. I gave an OK sign, and they did the surgery, it took another half an hour and they had to top up morphine into my blood stream because I was starting to feel pain and discomfort.

After all of that was done, me being extremely thirsty and exhausted, I was pushed to the quarantine area before being transferred to my room. In the midst of my drowsiness and exhaustion, little did I care for what was found inside of me… I just wanted to see my baby.

(To be Continued)

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