Post-Nikah|The Pelamin & Hantaran

The Hantaran

For the dulang hantaran, it was a “tujuh balas sembilan” ratio. The dulang for the groom was made by my mom in her spare time. She crafted beautiful traditional stokin flowers to adorn the dulang. Her crafty skills is so good that even the weeding planner was timid. The dulang for me was done by the kakak pelamin. Our hantaran items were fairly simple and not too expensive. Basic things like fragrances were bought during sales at the department store, cupcakes and macaroons were sourced from local bakers,and everything else were just very basic things like shirts, belts, a handbag and an Iphone (which husband saved up and put it on the dulang from my side). If you would like to know further how the bunga stokin hantaran from my side were made, you can e-mail me for more info.

IMG_9644 IMG_9650 IMG_9654 IMG_9658 IMG_9661 IMG_9665 IMG_9667 IMG_9670 IMG_9647

For the groom. Apparently photos of dulang from the men’s side were not complete or missing, but it’s okay,¬†since I really wanted to share mama’s unique craft.

The Pelamin

I honestly wanted a pelamin that was simple and not overly done and at the same time it won’t engulf or outshines me. It was done on a budget with very minimal wastage, and if you would like the same kakak pelamin, you can contact Kak Milah at 0126394851. Yeah, I could have hired big names like Reka Teemor and such, but I didn’t want to overspend for something that you need only for a few hours.

 IMG_9185 IMG_9197 IMG_9184IMG_0050


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