The Home Stretch @ #39weeks!

Another usual night of sleeping troubles with my bowl of milk and cereal. I sure am getting used to it, the baby is “training” me to get used to staying up late at night to play and change diapers! Even though my husband is snoring comfortably, I know for sure he is currently a light sleeper, with my late night cries of discomfort and constant moving around (and getting up, for the toilet trip).

As of now, at 39 weeks, the baby’s movements have become fainter, furthering away from the surface of my belly. My lower-back aches like crazy, especially late nights and early mornings when the baby is awake, fumbling around trying to engage for labour. And recently, I was aware that the baby moves around the most when I am talking to my husband…awww, the baby recognises our voices, wanting to jump into the conversation as well!

At this moment of time, the fear of giving birth is slowly being replaced with impatient thoughts and the severe waddling walking-style I have fully adapt to. I worry if I am not getting enough sleep to conserve my energy, yet, I still can’t sleep because of all the movements! The next check up will be at 39 weeks + 4 days. I hope to hear some super good news like the baby has fully turned face down. or have engaged halfway for labour. Atlas then, I would only have to worry about the pain of contractions and pushing rather than worrying my baby is not in the most optimum position or will be stressed out later.

Spending my time reciting Surah Maryam and muttering Zikrullah whenever I can, hopefully the delivery will be a quick one, and I could bare it all. I have spent months trying to be healthy, working-out whenever I can, and stay active with work and daily activities till this very day I turn 39 weeks. My patience is starting to run out and I just can’t wait to snuggle my new bullying partner-in-crime (to bully my husband, of course).



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