The Anticipation | Nikah | 22.12.13

I was done with dressing-up quite early, and when the news came that the rombongan has arrived, I began to sink-in with the reality that this wasn’t a play of dressing up like a princess, I was literally getting married. And so i sat there in my room until some of my friends came…I was superbly nervous, and I could not think of anything or anyone else other than myself. I keep telling myself “This is it, you worked your ass of to look great, went through many bride-zilla moments, for this one true moment”…While I was talking to myself in my room, the fiancee made it to the door step safely.

The Rombongan's Arrival

IMG_9353 IMG_9354 IMG_9366 IMG_9368 IMG_9370 IMG_9374 IMG_9376 IMG_9380 IMG_9384 IMG_9388

You can obviously see that my pretty boy is pouting all the time. That duck face of his, is his “bapak cuak” face.

The Bride making her entrance...

About an hour after everyone has arrived and settled down, I who was then, sitting at the Dining hall on the other side of the Living hall, was trembling all alone, that I called my sister to come and talk to me. I really felt like I could explode from all the blood rushing to my heart!




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