Random Bliss @ Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Penang

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A post with less words and more photos. I have been looking forward to the trip since a month ago when my husband told me that we are going for a short getaway. I am heavily pregnant, therefore anytime outside the city is a blessing to calm down my wits. It is a rare thing to see my workaholic husband NOT being in-front of the computer doing work or on the phone all the time (infact, I was the one on the phone due to customers messages). He nearly took my handphone away because I was clinging to it a bit too often.

The Entrance gate of the Spa.

The Shangri-La’s signature spa, “Chi” is located within the compounds of the resort, hidden from the view of passer-by’s’s, with only the entrance gate visible. We gave the spa a try, totally worth it despite the $$$ per treatment price tag! If you want an idea of the treatments they have,  I will whip-up a short blog-post perhaps? 🙂

The Garden Wing’s Pool.

The lounge area facing the beach at the Garden Wing.

The compounds of Shangri-La with it’s tropical inspired landscape.

Morning walk by the Batu Feringghi Beach.

As I have previously mentioned, the Shangri-La’s compounds is pretty large with beautiful pathways organically integrated with the greeneries on the sides, underneath the giant trees’ canopies. The landscape shows some influences of British colonial gardens fused with the lush Malaysian tropical forest ambience. There were lazy beach chairs evenly spread out along the compounds near the beach, turning the green space into yet another relaxing area for the residents. It was simply a good-looking resort, peaceful and not too crowded or noisy.

For couples who wants a luxurious weekend or vacation without having to fly-off abroad, I would definitely recommend driving up to any 5-star hotel (in our case, the Shangri-La), and just unwind there, fuss free. It is the easiest kind-of break you’d ever opt for. We obviously put our trust with Shangri-la to ensure that our experience was a total bliss. For a weekend at such a nice place, we suggest preparing a minimum budget of RM1,000 a day (for the room and eating-out), the buffet breakfast comes with the room of course, and for dinner, it is up to you to either eat at the resort’s well-know restaurants or the food stalls outside (it is Penang, after-all).



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