#northasia #japan: Honeymoon, solo.

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This was supposed to be shared earlier on, but once we arrived in KL, we had a lot of work to do, therefore I sort of put on hold most of my posts.

A little something unexpected turned into a 24-hour adventure for me. A blessing in disguise, well at least for me, I had to leave my husband behind for 24-hours because we had some trouble on the day of our supposed departure to japan due to husband’s passport problem. Despite the months of planning, carelessness can tear down any plans and my husband unfortunately had to stay back and took the next flight on the following day to settle his passport issue whilst I, said good bye to him and head on to Japan myself. It was a boring plane ride, I really hate flying on AirAsia, it is just a little uncomfortable for me, but for budget sakes, we managed to book the ticket for RM1500.00 for two pax return, which became RM2,000.00 later when my husband had to buy a different departure ticket.


Arriving in Japan, it was my first time on the Japanese soil, where the sun rises the earliest (it does, like 2-3 hours ahead of other countries in North and East Asia), i realised it was very quiet and peaceful, and wet and warm like Malaysia? Lerrr, I was expecting cold breeze man! but yeah, it was the end of summer and the start of fall, therefore the weather is exactly like in Malaysia, luckily, that’s what I have packed for.  To sweat! Walking and moving around the airport alone for awhile trying to get my sense of direction, the other Malaysians who saw what happened at the KLIA2 counter (I was sort of upset), were a bit concerned of me…”Tak takut ke sorang2?”, “When is your husband coming?”, “why are you alone?”… that some even kindly offered their apartment couch for me to stay instead of me wandering around aimlessly. However, I braced myself and chose to head on to my little 24-hour freedom, i decided to go to Takayama, the loooogggggg waaayyy round via Kanazawa and Toyama (passing by Lake Biwa).  I first collected my Japan Rail Pass from the train office at the Kansai airport, and on an empty stomach and blur drowsy sleepy brain, I aimlessly went on trains, with the target to get to Kyoto before heading to Takayama.


Trying to find my way around to head to Kyoto. i was struggling a little bit because I did not have WI-FI Internet to Hyperdia my way around the train stations. Japan’s wi-fi is not free at all!


Arrived at Kyoto station and waited for my train to Toyama. Everything was Japanese and I wasn’t familiar with anything.

IMG_0019 I finally boarded my Limited Express train and napped for a while and fed myself.


Onigiri and green tea. Classic. I was really really hungry and clueless.


My first view of Nippon’s countryside, I was so intrigued and excited, unlike the Jap girl, who is used with it.


The beautiful view on my side of the seat, Lake Biwa, one of the big lakes that i thought was the sea.


I arrived in Toyama after about two-hours, and had to wait for the next train to Takayama.

IMG_0038This is what Toyama looks like. Hmm….


Beautiful views and gorges starts to emerge on my way to Takayama, which is situated in the countryside alps.


Of gorges, dams and towns… I was awe-struck with the cleanliness and simple beauty of the countryside.

I finally arrived in Takayama, after almost 10-hours of being a lost lamb. Thankfully, the counter was still open, and I arrived just in time to check in before it closes. The J-Hoppers hostel in Takayama is really nice and comfy. The room was so comfy and adorable that I slept early that night after a long and tiring day.





















Thus my first day of confusion in Japan, endured it…randomly!

On the next day, I told my husband that I would wait for him in Nagoya (which is only 2-3 hours away from Takayama), he did better than me because he had portable internet. pfft.

I took the early morning train to Nagoya and the view was spectacular.

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