#northasia #japan ; Hiking up Koyodai Viewpoint, Lake Saiko.

Lake Saiko is definitely one of the more beautiful Lakes as compared to Kawaguchi, although it is absent of Mt. Fuji’s direct view, the lake has friendlier shorelines, and a number of water activities can be seen enjoyed here by the visitors, such as jet-skis and just good old boat-rowing activities. We weren’t exactly here to visit Lake Saiko though. We just happened to pass-by it with our bus on our way to the foot of the hill for Koyodai viewpoint, which is one of the best viewpoints there is for the view of Mt. Fuji.

It may sound interesting that we were heading up some hill to get a nice view of Mt. Fuji, however, we almost tumbled into the wrong path, just adjacent to the place, and probably get ourselves into a lot of “adventure”. The story was, we almost trekked into Aokigahara. So, some of you may not know or probably haven’t heard of Aokigahara… well, that was one of the reason why we almost got ourselves into trouble.

An Hour Before…

We had an easy and filling Japanese take-away from a nearby local convenient store on our way to Mt. Fuji train station. We didn’t spend much, food was pretty much affordable and they come in big portions. We had them at the train station bench while deciding on what to do that day. We were supposed to go up to Mt. Fuji 5th Station, unfortunately we couldn’t because we mistakenly thought the trip there was included in the packaged bus ticket we bought, it was not, it is a little over our budget. Therefore, whilst having lunch, we took a look at the our map of where to go.

We wanted to do some tracking to get a view of Mt. Fuji. There were a number of trails around the area. One that attracted our attention was the track through Aokigahara…[Read For Yourself here]. The named to me at that current moment, sounded familiar..I just googled away for the sake of finding out “what’s interesting” at the forest…

I was so glad i did, though i turned pale for a bit and almost dropped my phone. I looked at my husband and shook my head..”taknak..TAKNAK..taknakkk pergi lain!!”

And he was like “Kenapa?”, I showed him my phone screen (images of dead bodies and spooky looking forests). Dia gelak je *facepalm* , he went all gedik and said “Jomlah..jomlah! mesti best!”. I slapped him then and there. Ish.

So we decided (more like I unanimously decided myself) to go to a better hiking location. Now, when I said better, I was probably half-dimwit, because the next best track with the best view of Mt. Fuji…is right next to the creepy forest. But right then we thought, the track TAK LALU the forest (or ANY part of it), okay we were wrong…we only found out about it when we arrived. Tsk. After passing by the beautiful views of Lake Saiko, we arrived at the “entrance” of Koyodai Viewpoint hiking trail. We were mistaken actually, supposedly there is a different more friendlier (not creepy track), but selected this one thinking it was “okay”. We stopped in the middle of nowhere, with Aokigahara (the main thick forest) behind us, with the main entrance to the forest not fair from where we stopped, and then in front of us, is the EDGE-BUT-STILL-CREEPY part of the forest, towards the hiking point.

Dalam hati dah menyesal dah, tapi takpe, baca segala ayat yang tahu and we went on! *holds breathe*. It was not like we had a choice, the bus already left us!


And The Hiking Starts…

It looks friendly doesn’t it? But the thick forest is so quiet, you won’t hear any birds chirping. The forest is formed upon lava rocks from Mt. Fuji’s past eruptions (it last exploded in 1700’s), therefore you’ll see rocky grounds in chunky formation, showing the direction it flowed towards. There are also many ditches where people might fall into. It is also because of this iron-rich ground, it is said that phone lines could not be reached here, but WI-FI did just alright. Therefore suicide attempters will not be “disturbed” or will not be easily found, because of the phone signal limitation. The forest looks the same anywhere you turn, therefore, it is very easy to get lost.

Husband smiling (nak annoy me), he finds the forest “amusing”. *smacks him again* Dia cuak jugak sebenarnya!

After 20-minutes passing by the creepy forest, we finally made our first human contact with other hikers. I WAS SO RELIEVED!!!, we finally found the main route to the Koyodai Viewpoint, and only then did we realised, we started at the closest yet creepiest route to the place.

We made it to the top after a pretty steep hike.

Ant the view we were after…Subhanallah.

Alhamdulillah, were so glad we made it, and then it was the track back down. This is when it got tiring…WE GOT LOST! And to make it worste we had to chase after the last bus that will pass by the area. We were hiking about 1-hour in the wrong direction (almost in jogging mode, was really tiring). We couldn’t find the exit, we truly regretted it, and we somehow just went ahead with our instincts and ended up exiting at some horse barn by the highway, of which we had to walk-back in the right direction towards the nearest bus-stop at the Ice-cave attraction which also meant, we had to walk pass-by the forest, but we weren’t too worried then as there were cars and other passer-by’s but it was soo tiring.

We managed to catch the last bus, and went back to Kawaguchi, safely.

What a hike it was…


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