#northasia #japan: Gingakuji Silver Pavillion, Kyoto

This place is reachable in 30 minutes by cycling destination from the city centre in the Higashiyama hilly area (north of Gion), near the Philosophers Path route. This pavilion has a lush green garden and looks even more beautiful in Spring or Fall.  Entrance is by a fee of 500 Yen.

Gingakuji (銀閣寺, Silver Pavilion), isn’t really clad in silver. However it has a fascinating and beautiful moss and Zen garden. This temple was built by a Shogun as his retirement villa in 1482, modelled after the Golden Pavillion (which is really gold).  My favourite part about this pavilion is the moss garden. The place is maintained very well, as well as the sand garden which is named as “Sea of Silver Sand”, thus the pavilion getting it’s name as the Silver pavilion. 

More info here.

Suggestions; If you bike all the way here, do park right outside the temple behind convenience store near the area. There is also this crazy good ice-cream puff, with the puff made from brown-rice right outside the pavilion doors. Any other questions do leave me a comment!


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