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One of the things that we truly splurge on while in Japan, is definitely FOOD. Yelah kalau dah jalan Japan jauh-jauh, food is part of the culture that you have to experience! It is understandable that many do not want to spend on food while in Japan, fearing that it could be expensive… well we couldn’t agree more, but you must understand that their ingredients and portion is that of first world standard, thus the “restaurant” price tag, tapi takde lah mahal sangat. Still okay, like between 1,000 to 2,000 yen for a meal set. We went to a number of restaurants, cafes and food joints, but it was only in Kyoto did we manage to get an awesome Sushi lunch, and dine at some nice places in Gion.

Sushi on the last day.

Tuck by the pedestrian side walk this place is quite easy to find if you know your way around Kyoto central area. It was our last day in Kyoto and we were dying for a standard, not too fancy conveyor belt sushi with our strict budget. We found one in the famous Musashi place. Popular not only among the locals, but for the tourists who managed to get their navigation right to the restaurant.  You’re going to have to take the bus from Kyoto Central Station to Sanjo Dori (Sanjo Street) and the restaurant will be somewhere in that area. The sushi here, is relatively cheap, 130 yen (about RM4.00) per plate..flat price, tak kisah lah salmon ke, hotate ke…you just have to make sure you come with an empty stomach, we managed 19 plates…by force!


As you can see, the setting is very simple and they have the chef facing the customers so that they could prepare directly any request. Our eyes go all teary at the plates of sushi that were put on top of the conveyor belt, the photos don’t do justice. The sushis are all actually bigger than in the photos.

Photo 13-9-14 1 54 39 pm

Yes, all the dish are of a flat price of 130 Yen, just that if the fish was a more expensive catch, they would only put a piece per plate instead of two, but the slice they put on top of the rice, is pleasingly large to fill your tastebuds!

Photo 13-9-14 1 55 01 pm

The chef that asked us; “Do you guys like Unagi??” hehe, because we took two plates each..sedap gila okay..it was so..buttery..it melts.

Photo 13-9-14 2 00 35 pm

 This Unagi is actually quite a portion (even for a piece).


Photo 13-9-14 1 59 10 pm

Photo 13-9-14 2 21 22 pm

 This was DELICIOUS, caramelized sweet potato for “dessert”, it was really good.

Photo 13-9-14 2 11 34 pm

Photo 13-9-14 2 12 27 pm

Halfway towards 19 plates (if we counted that right!)

Photo 13-9-14 2 36 45 pm

Here’s Musashi Sushi. Do head there if you get a chance (and budget).

We definitely recommend eating well on your last leg of the trip. Usually you will have some left-over cash to spend, but we paid with our card for this fancy lunch. The total damage was only about RM80.00++, not even RM100.00, for almost 20 plates? Please, that is affordable, even by our middle-class standards. Plus, the meat are all FRESHER.

If you need more info on how to get there, send me an email at za@notesandplac.es; or you can just waze your way! 🙂

More about other dining experiences, in the next post.


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