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We arrived at the classic heritage city of Kyoto on a warm Wednesday night the 10th of September. It was our last day to use the Japan Rail Pass which have been very useful and we have used it beyond it’s value gladly. Our stay in Kyoto remains with the J-Hoppers chain of Hostels, therefore we brought our vouchers that we received from staying in the previous chain in Takayama to get more points and discounts. In Takayama, we received a discount of 600 Yen for accommodation, but in Kyoto, we received a 1000 Yen worth of free bike ride for a full-day, we couldn’t be happier. We decided to make use of the voucher on our second day in Kyoto, we were planning to go a little bit far out to Central Kyoto (our Hostel was a bit to the South).

On the second day, we head up to the Imperial Palace early in the morning. Were psyched about cycling that we had an early head start. It was about 40-minutes getting from the Hostel to the Imperial Palace area, Nijo Castle, Gingakuji Temple (Silver Temple) and move around the city center area. I know most of us worry about getting around the City. my advise is stick to walking for anything less than 2KM, bike for anything within 10Km and move around with the bus for places like the golden pavilion and Arashiyama which could be tiring if you use the wrong the of bike. Maps will be provided upon renting a bike so you will be able to navigate quickly.

Here’s a list of possible bicycle rental shops;

  1. J-Hoppers Kyoto; 500 Yen but only for a very basic bike, not comfortable for long distances).
  2. Kyoto Station East Rent-A-Cycle; 800 Yen on weekdays (LINK)
  3. Kyoto Cycling Tour Project, Inc. (KCTP); Bike starts from 1,000 Yen (LINK)

More choices HERE.





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