Naurah’s Funny Habits

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My little one never resists to make me laugh with her wonderment of habits. From smiling every minute she can, to blowing her mouth the moment she wakes up. I fell like I am babysitting a never-ending live cartoon. While Naurah finally managed to roll at exactly 4-months, she seems a little lazy to do it frequently. She’s all fussy wanting to always stand..looks like she wants to skip all the steps and immediately start walking!

Photo 5-9-15 2 17 53 pm

Her favourite past-time is watching Nursery Rhymes. She would giggle, smile and shriek while watching. Sometimes if you try to caress her, she will push your hand away..that means, PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB!” hahaha. Her favourite nursery rhymes are from the Youtube channel “Super Simple Songs”, especially Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Sweet Dreams.

She has a habit of shrieking! Gosh, if she craves for your attention, she’ll start shrieking to get attention. And they’re pretty high-pitch! Another habit is growling or purring like a little tigress (or kitten), gosh, whichever that suits her mood for the week. On a good day, she would giggle and smile with only her gums showing, this is probably the cutest (and ear-friendly) out of all her habits. Obviously she has other habits, which are farting and blowing saliva with her mouth.

We love you Naurah, Happy 5-months in 2 weeks time!



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