Naurah’s French Tooth

It’s been 2 weeks since we got back from our 3 weeks trip to Europe, starting with North Italy, a quick detour to Budapest, before heading to the coastline to the French Riviera. It was a trip that fully satisfies our wanderlust, aside from the fact that we had our little one this time around, makes it all more meaningful (and tiring) at the same time. There are no exact tips when traveling with an infant. Just face the facts that you have to be rigorous and extremely well prepared. You will be extremely tired when traveling with the kids. Alhamdulillah, Naurah did not give too much trouble except when in France, because she was teething her French tooth!



As some of you may already know, both me and my husband, Ariff, assisted by our daughter, Naurah runs the small company of luxury retail, TasBijoux Sdn Bhd. Contrary to popular rumours you may have heard of me, this is actually my second trip to the Italian soil, and this time around, I am all about serious work! We arrived in Milan after a long, tiring flight via Singapore from KL and then to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways. As you may have expected, it was a bit uncomfortable as Naurah was super-active during the first leg of the flight and then we cramped all the way from Abu Dhabi to Milan with her on our laps. Thankfully she did not create any tantrum (terrible two) problems.


Milan was actually a quick stop and base for our detour to Budapest to meet our Couture Craftsmen talents in Budapest, Hungary. After two days in beautiful (and a bit messy) Budapest, we took the train from Milan to Florence (Italy) to visit our factory which is located outside of the Firenze touristy city center. We stayed at our lovely AirBnB for 6 nights. Yes, only AirBnB for us, we need the kitchen! While in Firenze, we had a quick weekend getaway to Cinque Terre, just north of La Spezia. It was quite hot in Firenze at the time of our arrival, and I realized that we did not pack enough shirts (because we thought it was going to be cold!).


Right after we were done with work in Firenze, we took a 7-hour train ride from Firenze to Nice, France via Milan. It was not the best train ride, although we took First Class tickets. We arrived in sunny (beautiful) Nice, with a fancy Jaguar UBER ride to our AirBnB apartment in Promenade Des Anglais area. The trip to Nice was not just to experience the beauty, but it was for a very serious meeting with a respected French parfumerie company in Grasse. We also went around the French Riviera to explore this beautiful French countryside, before heading back to Milan to catch our flight back to Kuala Lumpur, back to reality.


I would love to share regarding my journey to Europe, and hopefully it will help some of you plan your adventure to this part of the world. As some of you may have noticed, when I travel, I am pretty adventurous and I explore as much as I can! I would sit with the locals and have proper conversations about their country.

My first detail trip will be about our Italian adventure. This country, is so easy to travel around! Can’t wait to share with you.

Until then, have a great weekend! 🙂


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