#NaurahGoesJapan: Our First Travels With a Baby!

Mind the grammatical error there. We needed to make the hashtag short! However, our trip to Japan recently from late March to early April (2016) was nothing short, yet was quite lengthy. However, the journey truly satisfied my thirsty need for some wanderlust. It’s been more than a year since I last travelled, when we found out I was pregnant with Naurah, I stayed put and prepared myself for my first year of motherhood. Since it was our first trip with a baby, we chose Japan as our experimental ground, and luckily Spring was right around the corner…we arrived to a field of Sakuras with a baby excited for her first trip abroad.

Before we flew off to Japan, the farthest we have traveled with Naurah was Malacca…-_-” I KNOW! So, can you imagine how nervous I was? I started packing as early as week 1 of March…haha. We packed a hell lot of diapers, baby formula and baby food… and let me tell you, my calculations went short of only 12 hours of consumption! BUT we managed..phewhh… Alhamdulillah, Naurah is not a hard baby to bring with us to our travels. She rather enjoyed most part of the journey, always looking round and grasping sakura in full blooms. It was almost like I literally gave birth to an adventure seeker…better than a shopaholic, right? -_*

Hence, I would like to share here, a few things for those of you planning to travel abroad with a baby for the first time, trust me, I “googled” a lot before we flew off, so here is my part of the cake you can take note of;

  1. Check the temperature of the destination. Where ever you are going, may it be Phuket or London, the temperature is really important, should you pack it think or thin? The baby has to be kept warm/cool, if she is comfortable, than you will enjoy your journey a whole lot more.
  2. Pack some medicine, ointments, all the oils, creams, lotions….you get the drill, don’t forget the rash creams too! When you travel to cold places, the baby tends to get dry skin, be sure to slather their baby skin to avoid crackling skins which will make them uncomfortable.
  3. Pack enough diapers. For Naurah, I change her diapers for about every 3-4 hours, not counting the times she poops. so I packed about 60 piece of diapers including overnight ones.
  4. Food, Formula and a Thermos. I think you get the idea.

BASICALLY PACK YOUR WHOLE HOUSE. Yes, you have no choice. And oh, don’t forget the stroller, baby wearing carrier and her cartoons. 😛

Even back home here in KL, Naurah have always enjoyed going out, rather than staying at home. Her first flight was not as bad, she slept most of the time and we just mildly entertained her. She did not threw any tantrum as there were many people, so she was pleased with people passing by and she could “judge” them from top to toe..lol…keeps her occupied.

Honestly every baby is different, and even though Naurah is a great travelling companion this time around, I am not so sure about our next trip this September to Italy an the French Riviera… *gulps*, thanks to my mama, sister and brother who were part of the trip, having familiar faces around the baby helps by a whole lot!



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