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Bongiorno! Italia, TasBijoux’s land of dreams. The trip started with a very tiring first day, the flight to Milan’s Malpensa Airport was a bit uncomfortable, but yeah, what did you expect for flying economy! ? We arrived at about 7AM, and took the 1-hour express train to Cadorna train station, a secondary train station for trips to the suburbs of Milano and the airport. The ticket costs about 12 Euro per person.


The first thing we did upon arrival was to set-up our wireless internet portable modem, which we failed. Then we gave up and decided to just make our way to the rented AirBnB home in San Gerolamo Emiliani, an area that is in the central district. We were lucky enough to have found this space, as it was only within walking distance to the Duomo cathedral and the famous Piazza (tourist sites).


After contacting the Italian guy, Donato, and we had checked-in, we immediately made our way to the business fair we have been wanting to go to in FioreMilano expo center, without changing or taking a bath, because it was the last day of the business fair! We managed to find Vodafone on our way and quickly adapted to the public transport system (thank god!), and took the subway to Milano Centrale, the main train station and found our way to the expo center. We made it in time, just enough for us to meet the vendors and acquire the required information for our first productive business trip!?


The real “tourist” act started on the second day, it was a Friday, and it was still pretty sunny in Italy, as it was late summer. We walked for about 20-minutes to the center of the city, which is where the Duomo and Galleria Vittoria Emmanuelle II is located in. As we approached the Piazza, there was an element of surprise as to the way the streets and roads were aligned, and that as you are walking towards it, you are slowly greeted by the large Piazza and the tall Duomo structure?. We spent for about an hour or two here, exploring the buildings, and lucky enough, there weren’t many tourists in this area as it was already approaching the end of season. we did not visit the cathedral interiors, honestly, we just didn’t want to pay for visiting buildings! ? We did not spend much time in Milan as it was only our base for moving around Europe, but we did have enough time to get our first Italian gelato.



Happy hyper-active baby

The very next day, we had to take an early plane to Budapest, we were lucky enough to have found a taxi while we were walking to the train station (in a rush!) and took the taxi to the Milano Centrale, for a direct train to Malpensa Airport. Honestly, trains around Milan ain’t that expensive as compared to other parts of Europe we have visited, so whenever we were tired, we just took the taxi. The traveling this time around, memang purposely nak spend extra on transport, because bawa Naurah, and sometimes (most of the time) we get a tad too exhausted with her energy. I don’t think jet-lagged means a thing to her!? Anyways, the trip to Budapest was a weekend detour as we had a meeting with one of our artisans there (to be elaborated in a different blog-post!).

After the trip to Budapest, we arrived a day before going to Firenze, so the tiredness from the Budapest excursion have not even faded, luckily, the train to Firenze was not as early, so we took our time to check out from the apartment. By the way, in case you were wondering, our temporary home was RM1,500.00 for 5 nights, and the location is near to two metro stations, and the tourist sites. Our favourite part about this home, is the nearby pasticceria, freshly baked everyday! It was within our budget, but there are other options if you want something cheaper. Bear in mind, this is Milan, accomodation can be much, much more expensive than the one we rented. ? If you’d like to check-out the place we rented, click here.


A cozy space in Milan

The one thing we love about Italy is that it is such a familiar and convenient country. It is actually not that hard to find food to eat, from pastries to caffes and kebabs as well as rice dishes. If you have been following my Instagram account, you can totally tell that we are happy and comfortable traveling around this part of Italy. We took the ItaloTreno train, which is a comfortable train ride from Milan to Firenze Santa Maria Novella train station, which took about 2-hours. The trip costs us 109.00 Euro for 2 adult tickets with an infant. Upon arrival, we took the tram, which is pretty convenient, and took about 8-stops before arriving at our destination’s AirBnB station, Talenti. We really LOVE this AirBnB. The owner greeted us at his home and showed us around before leaving, the apartment was very spacious and comfortable, perfect for a weeks stay in Firenze. To check out the AirBnB we stayed in Firenze, click here. The one-week stay in the spacious apartment amounted to RM1,800++ (which is still way better than staying in a hotel). We would recommend this home for small families, 3-4 people.


Firenze was quite hot when we arrived! While Milan in the Lombardy region is a tid bit cooler as it is in the Nothern area of Italy, Firenze is in the middle of Italy, a bit more to the South. Our jackets are of no use here except at night (and even then, it is not that cold). The one week in Firenze was pretty relaxing… after we have settled down in the apartment, I just laid down and relax, we were too tired to go out, and just stayed in and watch Italian TV with no subs!

The adventure starts the day after, and that journey will be shared in the next post. ?

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