Fragments of An Ambition

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A new entry into my infamous blog, an impulsive thing I love to do for myself. I rarely talk about Tasbijoux here, in fact, I rarely talk about work, rather we actually worked hard executing our 2-year business plan (compressed to be achieved within 12-months). Tasbijoux began it’s full-time journey as a Sendirian Berhad about 8-months ago in January 2016 and it has been nothing short of a challenging path. Too many, just too many painful experiences, but all those trials have helped me grow as a person and taught me to just work better and focus more diligently, to persevere. We are now a team of 5 who loves to gossip and work at the same time, haha.


After about 6-months of a lonely battle managing a business without my husband, Ariff. He finally joined me as a full-time Managing Director in July, and that marks the end of my solo morning drives with Naurah, which takes about 3-hours to just even get out of the house! From bathing and changing her (only to find that she had pooped 5-minutes before stepping out of the door), to finding the keys of the house which usually makes me feel like I want to GIVE-UP on everything and just stay at home. They were parts and parcels of my not-so-gracious moments, which I will cherish forever with Naurah (and probably laugh about it in 20-years time!).

With much of the sales-marketing work executed by me *winks* and the good financial business planning by my husband, we somehow managed to rise up from having only RM1,000.00 in our savings (we were really broke and stressed) to a six-figure income, within 8-months! Allahuakhbar, the rezeki that was bestowed upon us after much hardship and tears, it gave my husband a happy and sound mind to sleep in at night, knowing that he did not give up his 5-figure steady income for nothing. The first thing we did was to move out of our small 700 SqFt studio space in Damansara, which we thought was enough for a start, but our sales performance proved us wrong. Our new showroom is a comfortable 1,300 Sq Ft, with a premier 60000 postcode in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.



Around the same time, we were expanding our offline office, the virtual office was kicked into realization at a pretty hasty pace. This is probably the hardest task so far for the whole team, from putting together photo shoots and typing out detailed information on the website, to implementing the system to our current buyers. Our patience was tested many times, yet my comrades in the business world who were more established always gave their strong support and shared their own set of stressful experiences, which got me thinking, Malaysian buyers are on a whole new level of fussiness! haha…


The whole business expansion project costs us about RM100,000.00 to RM130,000.00, in full cash, without any funding help or loan from anyone (if we did, we paid them back in full). Yes. This amount is extensive for a small company that just started doing business full-time for about 8-months! But I had a strong instinct to support my marketing plan ideas, and I have a husband with a strong thinking brain that helped to managed the sales income monies to expand the foundation of the business. We are thankful everything turned out well so far, Alhamdulillah.

There is no turning back now. No jokes.


I find solace in 3 things now, when working as an entrepreneur, when being a wife that folds clothes and do chores, and also when I am running around being a mother of an active child. In fact, I have never really been a popular person in my younger days, I never really went out much or had a lot of friends: I just never really did “click” with a lot of people. Only the very few that I truly treasure, just because they understand my jokes, sarcasm, and offensive riddles (I hate having gangs btw, in your 20’s? not high-school anymore, duh…). I always thought to myself that I should have done all of this earlier in life (would have saved me a lot of pointless/childish arguments), but as I am about to turn 28 in two months time, I took a lot of time to reflect on my mistakes and then turn myself into this loner ambitious psycho who works hard all-day chasing business goals, and then rushes home for some quiet downtime with my hot chocolate drink, folding pile of clothes (only to be sprawled again by little Naurah). I totally block myself from socializing.

I guess what I am trying to say is, life is much simpler now, and I am truly happy.

To be continued…


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