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My husband is somehow sort of against me wanting to continue being in the field of Architecture. I guess he just does not understand why, despite my current quite successful venture as a business woman developing and managing my own brand, Lux Democrats, that I still have a deep interest to be a part of the Architecture world, which pays poorly with working hours he does not favour.

I have to admit, I do make more now as the manager and curator of Lux Democrats, as compared to being a Graduate Architect in a firm. I guess I just feel a little at lost for not being able to even try-out life as an Architect after graduation. Rejection after rejection, my unsuccessful tries to be part of a firm became a “sure-deal” after I found out I was pregnant, which was an additional factor to potential employers to NOT hire me.

I’ve secretly checked out graduate programmes in New Zealand, which is a little bit more affordable to study at, however…with a kid on the way and both me and my husband having our little business thriving at an unexpected pace, it’s hard to just drop everything and leave. So again, I had to give-up my little ambition to study abroad.

If I was still single, without any commitments and only my Architectural wanderlust to fulfil, I would probably be somewhere in Bali or Thailand, learning to do Community Architecture or Tropical Architecture  as a personal special study effort. Lately, the Malaysian Architecture scene has become more and more interesting with a number of workshops and talks being organised all-year round. I even had the opportunity to attend one workshop organised by #BetterCities in August 2014, studying the possibilities of public urban spaces. The module was mentored by the Icelandic-Swedish firm, KRADS. The ideas were explored using Architectural lego units.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 5.36.39 PM

Aside from #Bettercities workshop programmes, there are other programs that were once only possible to be learned in the neighbouring countries of Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, such as the natural architecture of mud/clay/earth, which could be now learned in Malaysia itself, specifically with Kebun Kaki Bukit in Kuala Selangor!

kaki kebun

Cool. right?

I  might just make time for all of these after I have safely given birth (InshaAllah) and my business (and the baby) becomes a little more stable. Until then, I could watch from a far the world I have left behind (for now) from the sidelines. Architecture is fun, although I am not good at it, it has brought a lot of skill, passion and creativity which helped me realised the branding strategies for Lux Democrats. This is my biggest advantage as a Graduate Architect, I know where to start when it comes to branding and marketing. However, I still do feel the urge to pursue my Masters, even if it’s not in Architecture…I just really like learning and studying…but that..will be blabbed about in another blogpost.


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