Finding the PERFECT Matcha Ice-cream!

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Another Post-JAPAN trip sharing….this time, it’s a gastronomic post aka about food!

A bit “semangat” to write about this, so it will be a rather long post, hehe. If you don’t know already, I LOVE MATCHA! Even my team can’t understand my undying love for this bitter flavour of Matcha. While the green tea culture actually originated from China, Japan has added their own cultural touch to the whole treatment of the green tea leaves, making the Matcha, a stronger compound of green tea, phenomenal around the world.

So we walked around the hip Ometasando streets near Harajuku, while exploring cool cafes and unique boutiques. The walk reminds me much of Seoul’s cool and youthful scene. Our goal on that rainy day in Tokyo was to find the perfect green tea ice-cream and not the ones on cones coming out from the machine which is usually sweeter, but, a curated presentation with a lot of green tea’s BITTER flavour.


Read here for How To Get To HaraJuku-Ometasando?

We discovered this quaint and quiet cafe CHA-NO-MA while walking around, lost in the streets of cafe’s and boutiques. Not a good idea if you’re with a baby actually, but luckily, there were not many other customers in the cafe, so belasah je bawa Naurah masuk, and knowing her antics and hyper-activeness, we did not annoy much other Japanese customers who were there to enjoy their afternoon tea.


Prepare about RM200.00 to enjoy a set for two-people, hehe. The tea is prepared by a Green Tea artist, that for sure was annoyed by our jakun-ness, but share his input on green tea anyways, and made the nicest green tea ice cream I have ever had! They have a menu, with different grade of green teas, and they also have special sets promotions , where you get to experience different grade of teas. the green tea grades depicts the strong flavour of each different tea leaves.

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We had to end the green-tea session as quickly as quickly as possible, since Naurah was getting more and more hyper-active! But we enjoyed the bitter taste of matcha presented to us, so I tried to savour the first spoon of ice-cream as dramatic and passionately as possible, with sprinkles of green-tea leaves to enhance the taste. Hmm….HEAVEN!

The bill came to a “no-surprise” amount, we were happy anyways, so *SWIPED*.

So, if after reading this post, you suddenly get the cravings for Matcha, head over to Nana’s Green Tea at One Utama, it’s the closest you will get to a Japanese served matcha ice-cream!



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