#Excursions: Cameron Highlands!

I guess as Malaysians, we could really try and learn to appreciate what we have in our own backyard. My last trip around the peninsular was the Taman Negara trip, and I really loved the short excursion to the National Park. We should brag about more on where we have been in Malaysia, than always over-parading our Europe trips, and let me tell you, Cameron Highlands should be one of it.

This seemingly over-rated Malaysian destination is flooded with tourists during our climb up towards Brinchang. The development is of course starting to decay what is left on Cameron that even though the temperature is colder, it is still warm because of the sun, and thus the humidity for fogs (kabus) to build-up is less.

The beautiful scenery driving up to Brinchang, can match with Switzerland’s beautiful view if we know how to appreciate it…(and I have been to Switzerland…)

One thing I noticed about our tourism scene, is the tendency to over-rate everything, to over-do everything, making us look like we are desperate to make money from our resources. The intricate natural beauty over-taken by the tacky large signboards and large-scale plantation gardens, and tourists just flock to the venues to see flowers and vegetables farms, without even-understanding or knowing what exactly is being planted here and how…. I pun tak tahu, which is exactly what I mean.

I guess, Malaysians (most) on the average level, don’t care pun. Just nak enjoy… sedih kan? (and buang sampah merata-rata…**sigh**)
We started off the journey from Kuala Kangsar, the trip was meant to be a short stop before going back to Kuala Lumpur, so what is worthwhile enough for you to go-up and come-down again, penat kan kalau takde apa nak tengok?

There is only ONE place (or two) that is good enough for you to check out in Cameron as a short trip over the weekend (or weekdays)…

The Sg Palas BOH Tea Valley

View from the bottom of the Valley.

A Pine.

Amidst the magnificent view, is an Architectural piece that attracts me very much. The Boh Visitors center, the drive there is pretty scary through the extremely narrow road, cars keeps brushing each other (almost)…but my husband seems to get the hang of driving, so…not even a single scratch! (phewwh, pinjam kereta mama kot…).

Husband’s FIRST time to Cameron Highlands, look at how “touristy” he is…
Excited man-child and Architect wannabe girl…
The tea was tawar (kena kurangkan gula you alls)…but the view was tres magnifique! 

The Boh Visitor’s Center, for me, managed to elevate the branding of the tea company. The Architecture is very much timid with nature, despite it is built with a steel frame structure, cantilevering over 3 meters long over the valley. The finishes were simple and clean, with the idea being to frame the view, and bringing in much light. I must say, the architecture and engineering concept of the center is quite successful….I wish I could figure out something like this for my thesis !! (Masa untuk meminjam idea!).

The beautiful view towards the center…

After walking through the center, we had tea, just for the sake of sitting down and taking in the view…but on a Sunday, this place is not advisable. With kids bising-bising, brightly coloured attires and tudung rainbow from the less than fashionable tourists (maaflah komen I, bajet fashionista) and too many conversations going on at one time….well, if you’re trying to be English here, save it for the weekdays in case you decided to ponteng kerja.

The tea and desserts were so-so, but the price was still quite reasonable, cheaper than Starbuck, but a GREAT view.

Happy with the view!

I really wish there was more I could do around there, but I think, the beauty of this place is for it to be enjoyed only for a few hours, and then leave it behind quietly. However, that is not the case here. The reality of over-developed commercial properties and other real estates should have been regulated more wisely by the government (harapanlah…), to be frank, if this site was meant to be natural heritage tourism destination, then developments should be limited to governments, project, however, of course, that is not the case in Cameron Highlands.

Overall, I would rate the trip as 6/10, only because there were too many people, and the over-development at Tanah Rata and downhill of Brinchang just ruined it all, and…the sight of sampah everywhere…Malaysians…I just don’t know what to say…I should bring myself a garbage plastic bag the next time I travel around Malaysia and pick-up the cups and plastic containers could have caught my sight.

Total Hours of Travelling: 6 Hours including the Tea Valley Visit.

Driving up: From Simpang Pulai to Brinchang, 1 hour 15 minutes.

Driving Down: From Brinchang to Tapah, 1 Hour 15 minutes.

Total Cost: RM100.00-RM150.00

Travel around Malaysia, and keep it CLEAN y’all!


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