Breakfast in Marrakesh, Morocco

Decided to go to work really late today, by taking my time to cook, clean the house, and indulge in a tub of chocolate gelato while writing this post. I have been feeling demotivated and less than inspired to go-on with my role as the Creative Director at work, and spearhead the branding works for the company. I am going through pretty depressing times, and my health is not too good lately. The ongoing robotic life gets to you even when you are working for yourself, getting stuck in traffic and working 7 days a week, day and night, getting less than excited about work is bound to happen sooner or later.

I have been struggling with this business for the past 4-years, it takes a really long time because the business we are developing requires such a high amount of capital budget, and because we are pumping our own savings into it, it will probably take 2-3 more years from now, for it to reach a satisfactory and safe state to actually indulge in. I am lucky to even have my husband and a small team on board this project, with God-knows what kind of end it will meet.

I am determined to write this post, which is long overdue, about our trip to Morocco last February (2017). We are pretty random when traveling, due to our schedule, we just hit anywhere we feel is within our budget, and they are often exotic places. Marrakesh is one of those places, and wow, just writing about it makes me want to go back! The trip was so, soul-fulfilling that the creative vibes lasted me through-out Raya, the inspirations I absorbed whilst in Morocco really showed through my enthusiasm putting together campaigns and marketing gimmicks for the brand (but yeah, all that is depleted now, haha).

We arrived in Casablanca from Milan after the long-delay of the Royal Maroc Airlines, it really is one of the worst airlines you can get yourself into. To make matters worst, we sat behing a very “makcik” French/Italian who just simply hates Naurah, and only cared about her comfort, she kept telling us to shush her and glared at her, until I ofcourse, snapped at her, like woman “she is a child!”, and it was short flight, only 3-hours! (She can’t even bear that? pfft)

Once we touched down in Casablanca, we rushed to our connecting flight for Marrakesh, we ran like crazy (without catching a breathe) from the arrival gate to the departure gate, and the 30-min flight to Marrakesh was so pleasant, that I nearly fell asleep. Let me tell you something, the Marrakesh airport, is a looker, brand new, totally made for the European tourists. One thing that is SUPER annoying about Morocco is that it is SO HARD to get into, they ask a lot of questions, and enquire you about a lot of things, but we recently heard that Malaysians now do not need to get the Visa anymore, so, that’s one problem solved.

Fast forwarding the story, we arrived in the maze of Marrakesh at around midnight, and drag our bags by foot with the Riad bell-boy leading us through the maze, passing-by stray cats and men having late night tea. We stepped into the beautiful Riad, with a heavenly smell, Husband was the one who picked this romantic accommodation, it was very clever of him.

The First Morning in Marrakesh

I have never felt that much at peace, even with Naurah whining and fidgeting by my side. The warm morning rays shone down through the window, accompanied by the cold breeze from the Atlas Alps. This is what I would describe as, the most perfect morning I have ever experienced in my entire life. Just thinking about it makes me smile, and would really love to go back there again! (I think I have said this before, haha).

The name of the Riad we were staying at is Le Riad Berbere and you can get more info on the rates and reservation via their website. Just to warn you, it is not as cheap, but worth every $$$$ of it. It is run by a lady expat from Berlin, who is really friendly, and loved cats! So Naurah is the happiest of the lot, she was never bored running around the courtyards chasing after them. The rooms in the riad were limited, there are only 8 suites, and most of them were occupied by couples from Europe escaping the bitter cold of the winter.

Of Warm Bread and the Berbere Charm

Breakfast is just so lovely at the Riad, made by the Berber women who works at the Riad, we never fail to finish our meal everytime. From freshly made pancakes and wholemeal breads, to the servings of jams, honey, and clotted cream, we were really spoiled during breakfast. The meal is served at the rooftop and literally from anywhere in the city, you will be able to see the Atlas Alps and its snowy caps, it is quite a sight!

I will put together a video of our time in the riad, and share it here soon, until then, I felt really great being able to write this post. Can’t wait to travel again soon. 🙂



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