#asia: River Rafting @Ayung River, Ubud, Bali.

It’s a Monday night, and my husband is out, and specifically told me to not leave the house..darn..would have love to go and get a cup of ice cold blended Juice Boost. Anyhow, I thought of sharing my experience of river rafting during our visit to Bali recently in May. It was my first time, and it was as daringly close as I would ever want to get close to the rafting activity! It was definitely a rush of adrenaline and a worthwhile one as well. River rafting can be costly, you should prepare a few hundred ringgit for 1 raft which could fit up to 6 people (around RM500.00  or less). But it is definitely worthwhile, and let me share with you why…

River rafting in Bali is pretty much the same, with all different distances according to your budget and available time. The packaged we hired was a 15KM rafting for about 3 hours! The scenery is just so beautiful, you should have GoPro with you!

We first had to march pass paddy fields and villages from the gathering point where we put on our gear, the basic gears would be the helmet, the safety life jacket and we’re all given a paddle. All handphones and cameras will be kept in a water-resistant bag to avoid damage from the rocks and water from getting in. It is recommended that you wear tough sandals or strap on sandals..I wore those thick-platform slippers…BAD IDEA! I was so slow because we actually had to track some 1km to get to the river valley from the paddy fields.

After about, half the journey, the journey became even more steep, as we have come closer to the ridge of the river valley, their valleys are really deep as compared to the more flat geography we have in Malaysia..due to their Island being Volcanic. We then starting noticing there are a few inflated raft by the side of the track, they were meant o be carried down to the river side and to be pumped again for use of the next group. The amazing part is, these raft were heavy, and they we carried down on the heads and shoulder of strong and fit Balinese men, you could then see why your money is worthwhile. So much labour and work being put it to avoid the environment being damaged from tourism, so little things are done by hard labour!

We soon arrive after what was a 20-minute tracking.  There were many rafts by the river-side and you’ll se other rafts passed-by from other rafting companies. For each raft you will be given a guide who will be with you through-out the journey. They will appropriately instruct you on the how-to’s and safety measures to be taken. There will be a number of safety guards at certain points, especially at river points where the rafting might get a little rough. As soon as the brief is over, the journey starts and the fun begins! You will be bath with fresh water fall, beautiful views of tropical trees sitting on top of 1o-15 meter tall ridge with beautify resorts beautiful crafted in between the trees. There will pit stops for you to take a break from the long journey and take photos.

After the journey comes to an end, not surprisingly, you will need to hike-up AGAIN for about 10-15 minutes to the pit-stop where there will be food buffet (vegetarian dish available), amidst beautiful gorgeous views. I hiked up again, with my now soggy clogs…slowly…a the pit stop you could bath and change into dry clothes and print-out photos that the company took of you. We had it..and then we misplace it and LOST it. *sigh*

The end of our fun day! We next headed to the Spa.

  • Neyra
    June 24, 2014

    Wow paddy field and village? I went to the same place on january but we went straight to the centre 🙁

    But still..good experience kan? ;p

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