#asia: Bali, May 2014 : From Uluwatu to Ubud.

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On the 1st of May I left for Bali with my husband and family members, it was my fourth time to the beautiful Island, but the first for my husband. Although I have been to the shores and mountains a number of times, i never seem to get bored or less captivated by the beautiful mystical island. The flight with AirAsia these days made it easier to travel to the regions of south east asia, so we left of from LCCT airport, Sepang and arrived at what was an unrecognisable new Denpasar airport, extremely huge, accommodating a long, huge throng of tourists from around the word. The last time I went to bali was in 2009! The airport was still small and modest back then.

I didn’t plan to be much of a backpacker this time around, more of a casual traveller as we were travelling together with my parents and siblings, thus convenience was the key. We went around the island with two cars and drivers, one of the driver is a family fried, Pak Deva, we have know him since our second trip to Bali in 2006! We managed to go to a few places we have not been to, including the Uluwatu area.


The roof top view from my hotel room.

We arrived pretty late at midnight as our flight was on the night of 30th April. Our morning on the 1st was spent at the hotel area near the Denpasar airport, just to sleep through the night. We were extremely tired, especially my husband, who immediately came-out of his office (he was working in the AirAsia office then, right in LCCT..haha), and straight to the immigration and checked-in to board the flight. My first view was that of balinese roofs and oh how i missed it! Breakfast was quick and we went straight to Uluwatu.


IMG_4880 IMG_4890

(left, me hiding under the shaded trees in the temple compounds)IMG_1540

Uluwatu Cliffs

Uluwatu was amazingly beautiful, such blue seas and blue skies seems to merge together at the end of the horizon. Although the weather was hot and sunny, I braced myself to step out of the shades, and straight to the cliffs for the sight of the view.


A proper selfie with the first-time husband is a must. A well-worth selfie as compared to selfie-ing dekat dalam toilet pavilion..haha.

After the visit to the cliff-side temple of Uluwatu, we went to this beach-side area of Uluwatu. The interesting part is, to get to the beach, we needed to go through a cave before arriving at the beach. That was simply ….new!

IMG_4899 _MG_0096

Yes, a very narrow and partially gloomy dark cave…about 3-minutes of downhill through the cave and voila…you arrive at the beach haven!


Yes, THIS! ^^


Husband in awe…. I hope he was in awe with the beautiful beach and not the beach babes…grr..

Afterwards, we were in much dire condition from the heat and much stairs climbing, we drove straight to Ubud, my favourite hill-side town in Bali. Ubud is about 1-hour away from Denpasar and Sanur area, it is not as hot as the beaches of Uluwatu as the town is uphill near the Mt. Batukaru. Ubud is literally the art and cultural centre for the island of Bali. It is the home of the “last” king of Ubud, therefore a number of palaces, and hotels owned by the previous royalties around the town. The immediate character that you will notice of Ubud are the stepped paddy rice field as you approach the Ubud town in the Gianyar regency.



 As were approaching the Ubud area, terraced paddy field starts to emerge as part of the landscape…


At temple in the town centre area…

Unfortunately, as we were walking down the streets, it actually RAINED, and it was very heavy down-pour, and so we had to head back to the Hotel before going out for dinner.



After our not so good dinner, of which I DON’T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT…. we went to the hipster-est of snacks there is in Bali…a roti bakar stand..ahah! yes… what is interesting about the stall is that, aside from it’s wooden cart, the breads that are being used (which are home-made) are super-thick, and the guy just spreads jams and sprinkle chocolate chips like they are SOO CHEAP, like heck in KL they would only sapu sipi2 je…


Super-thick bread…i know right…where can I get this in KL? Seriouslyyy!

IMG_4973I TOLD YOU! They’re doing some serious chocolate sprinkling business here….

After an extremely long and tiring day 1, we retreated to our room for the day…Day 2, was only even more beautiful.

(More photos in the slideshow gallery)


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