#asia: Bali, May 2014 : A Morning in Ubud


On the second day of our trip to Bali, we spent the whole day in Ubud, and it was an early morning for us. We decided to ask pak Deva to take us on a morning stroll to the village area and the paddy fields. Usually, it is best to visit bali during their festive season, it then when the island comes totally alive with bustling activities (usually on the months of March, July and September: Nyepi, Melasti and Galungan). However, May is a quiet month for Bali, but the scenery remains beautiful.


The morning sun starts to creep into the valley of paddy fields…

This is my second time walking around the villages of Ubud, and I still very much enjoy it. The plants are all bunched into organic patterns, and the people walking by under the shades, the terraced of the fields, makes it all look like a Balinese painting. There is absolutely something so calm and serene about the place…this is an island that has such a big number of tourists coming in yet they still hold strong to keep their environment as aesthetically original as possible…there was not much artificial culture on the island. You could see foreigners jog around the villages amidst the view and the bright morning sun…you could tell why many came here to do some “soul-searching”.



Our “muka belum mandi”, strolling by the paddy fields, this is truly exploring the Ubud country side.


Pak Deva (Left) who is our family friend from Bali. On the right is my ayah. Purposely took the photo from this angle…love the sun ray…



The set is the house on the right…

Unexpectedly, we came stumbling upon the set for the famous infamous movie/novel “Eat,Pray, Love”. We were in awe and went like; “JULIA ROBERTS WAS HERE!!..”, yeah went on and on with that, looking around the house. We came to know about the house when Pak Deva asked the nearby home-owner for who owns the abandoned house…yes it is now abandoned, sadly..but the house is only a set, there is not really any kitchen and sorts, if someone were to buy the house, it will need some remodelling.

The view from the house is spectacular. It is surrounded by a vast paddy field, and was totally serene as it is a bit far off from the main road. It had a small entrance, and was built by the terrace, with a pond and a small gazebo.


Beautiful isn’t it? The house wasn’t too big, and I made a video for this morning walk. Will share it on the blog soon! After visiting the set, we went back to the Hotel for breakfast and the highlight of the day…RIVER RAFTING!



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