A Weekend Stay @ Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

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Luxurious interior architecture, as what you would expect from a 5-Star rated hotel.

It’s been 9 months since me and my husband last took some time away, the last was our weekend away to Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort in Penang, right before I gave birth to our little girl. And so after months of sleepless nights, and me undergoing surgeries, a weekend away to the nearest Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur seems like the right choice, as eh first exercise to staying-out for the first time with little Naurah.

The beautifully decorated hotel is made to look classic and chic, and thus every corner is “instagrammable”. Staying at Shangri-La basically fits my expectation. Now that we have a baby onboard our travels, back-packing adventures may seem a little too ambitious, therefore, I always look forward to a relaxing stay at a luxurious hotel like Shangri-La, and therefore, I will know what to pack with me.

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Naurah getting cozy as soon as we arrived. The room has a nice and warm King-Sized bed with soft pillows.

As a wife, a mother and as someone who likes to look neat, little things that the hotel could offer matters most to ease my routine to organise the trip to be as relaxing as possible. For instance, we were staying at the Horizon Club Guestroom which has basic amenities such as  an iron and an ironing board, a bathtub to soak-in and for Naurah to bath-in, and they have generously offered a baby-cot for Naurah to sleep-in. Other than that, food and drinks is another “worry” incase my husband and little Naurah gets hungry! The Horizon Club guest room comes with the privilege to access the Horizon Club Lounge on the first floor, where the serve hi-tea and cocktails with delicious did-bitd to fill-up the tummy, just enough to hold for dinner. Hence, we didn’t have to rush-out to get some munchies in case we get hungry.

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Delicious cocktail tidbits at the Horizon Club lounge.

Aside from the Horizon Club privileges, another thing I won’t get to do so easily is sight-seeing, since Naurah is only 7-months, and walking around under the heat of KL is not exactly my current favourite. Fortunately, Shangri-La KL have enough greenery for us to walk-around and for us to not feel too cooped-out in our room. After the generous buffet breakfast at the Lemon Garden cafe, we walked around for a little bit before lazing in the room like we usually won’t do, due to our busy schedule.

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Photo 13-12-15 8 59 23 pm

Enough greenery and landscape to walk around.

It was a two-night stay in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, but we felt like we were totally transported to a different country  due to the signature details Shangri-La have so strongly practiced and applied into their hotels around the world. From the hospitality, decor, amenities and the food, Shangri-La is always a good choice for those who look forward to a relaxing time away from home.

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